Getting Started With KeywordXP

VERY IMPORTANT: You must have a Google Adwords account. Your Gmail account will not work. If you already have one then just use those credentials. If not, then click here and register an account. On the first screen you will see a link to bypass the billing loop (see picture below – click where it says ‘Skip the guided setup’). If you do not click on this link you will be required to provide all of your billing details, including credit card number.

** Please note that at the moment we do not support 2 step verification with Adwords. Therefore, in order to use KeywordXP with Google’s Keyword Planner you need to setup a separate account.



To watch the PRO setup video click here.

The first time you launch the application and go to the ‘Keyword Research’ tab and press Shift+D, you will see the Google Adwords window. Click on the tools icon in the top right hand corner. This will open up the ‘Settings’ window. Now click on the ‘Add Account’ button as shown in the picture below. Fill in your username and password and click o.k. Now you should see your email address populated in the field beside Google account.

Now please follow the steps given below in order to setup Keyword Research:
In ‘Keyword Research tab’ just press Shift + D , then the google signin page will appear.
Please add your Google Adwords account credentials in it. After logging into your Adwords account, Goto Tools->Keyword Planner.
Once you are on Keyword Planner screen just click on Hide button and you are ready to search.




The image below shows exactly what you should see in the application once Google Adwords is connected. Click on the ‘Hide’ button. That’s it. You are ready to use the app.



If for any reason you want to add a new Adwords account, edit the existing one, or completely remove an account this is done in the settings. Click on the ‘tools’ icon in the upper right corner of the app as you did before. Then just click on the button relevant to the change you want to make.