Welcome to KeywordXP v.3.0

KeywordXP version 3.0.8 released on April 30, 2015. Please make sure you read the release notes.

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New release has gone out January 27, 2015 version 3.0.7. Please make sure you read the release notes.

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Please follow the steps below to install the software:

Step 1) Download the software file from here. It is contained in a zip file.

Step 2) Please ensure that you have Adobe AIR installed on your computer. If you do not, you can download and install it from here:

Step 3) Unzip the file you downloaded in step 1. Then double click the KeywordXP.air file, and it will install the software automatically. The first time you launch the software you will be prompted for your email address and license. The email address should be the one you used to purchase the software. The license key was sent to that email address. Just add the information in the fields as shown below and click ‘Validate’. You will not need to do this step again. Each time you launch the application it will automatically verify these details.



NOTE: All future updates are automated so you do not need to download anything further. If an update has been released you will get a notification of this when you launch the application. Just follow the prompts and you will always have the latest version.

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