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Discount Offer 1

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People are loving KeywordXP.

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Let me ask you a really important question.

Are you fed up with trying to rank keywords? Or maybe you are ranking and just not making any money.

The problem is that if you are not ranking long tail buyer keywords you will not get the traffic or cash you want.

You see if done right ranking long tails on page 1 really isn’t that hard. But that alone is not enough. Because even though you may be getting traffic the truth is if it’s not buyer traffic it will never convert. You just end up spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

But let me go a step further…

So imagine that you are now ranking those long tail buyer keywords and still you are not making any money. This is bound to get you frustrated maybe even pissed off.

So what’s the problem…

You need to dangle that carrot in front of the horse. In other words you need something to entice your visitors and that’s where the importance of the headline comes in. When you create powerful magnet headlines your visitors won’t be able to help themselves. It’s kind of a psychological trick. They just have to click to see what it’s all about.

Now when you get this combination right you will finally get what you want…loads of traffic, clicks, and sales.

KeywordXP was developed specifically for this. It allows you to find those buyer keywords quickly and create those powerful headlines with ease.

It is the ONLY software that has all of the tools you need in one application.

But remember KeywordXP also…

– lets you find available domains and even create branded domains
– gives 801 variations of a seed keyword
– shows cost per click, advertizer competition, bar charts in a single window
– you can find backlinking opportunities to rank faster
– see exactly the types of questions that people are searching
– quickly assess your competitors
– and so much more

Just the power of having the viral title generator and long tail finder would make this an incredible software. But we have gone all the way to make this the best traffic getting software on the market.

And because I really want you to succeed in your business I am giving you LIFETIME access at a super low price.

We’ve even just finished our first training webinar where we went through all the features in more detail. You will get instant access to that after your purchase.

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Just wanted to send one last email before KeywordXP launch offer closes.

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Over the past week I’ve received tons of email from people asking very specific questions.

I wanted to take an opportunity to answer the top 3 here.

Q. How quickly will I see results?

In many cases you can start seeing results as fast as 24 hours. Selecting the right buyer keywords, a curiosity driven headline, plus a little bit of backlinking that is all you need.

Q. How will I make more money?

The more traffic you get, the more clicks on your headlines, the more conversions. But make sure that you have an offer that is appealing to your visitors. The more suited the offer the higher the conversion rate.

Q. How will I get traffic?

Long tail keywords are easier to rank so you will get to page 1 in Google faster. The more long tails you have ranking the more traffic you will get.

Here’s how KeywordXP can:

– create powerful headlines that get clicks
– give 801 variations of a seed keyword
– show cost per click, advertizer competition, bar charts in a single window
– find questions that people are asking so you can answer them in your blog post
– create a branded domain that is unique to your business
– assess trends, competition, volume, CPC in order to find the best possible keywords
– quickly find guest posting, blog commenting, directories, etc. for backlinking to increase rankings

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People are loving KeywordXP. If you have not picked up your copy or seen it yet there’s still a bit of time…but not much.

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We’ve just finished out first training webinar where we went through all the features in more detail. You will get instant access to that after your purchase.

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Subject: The Big SECRET

Did you know…

Upworthy launched their blog in 2012 and almost overnight reached 500,000 subscribers and are averaging 3.4 million visitors every single day.

Their secret: creating curiosity driven headlines in high volume niches.

It’s these headlines that people find so intriguing that they are instantly propelled to click and share – with many of them going viral.

What if you took that same strategy and tied it to a high volume monetizable keyword…you would have an instant winner.

But here’s the problem…

You need to be able to produce these magnetic headlines over and over again. And let’s not forget the importance of the right keyword in a high volume niche.

While it may all sound easy. The truth is doing this the right way will cost you loads of time and money. Proper keyword analysis is time consuming. And let’s face it most of us are not naturally gifted writers. That means that you would need to hire copywriters, which would end up costing you a fortune over the long run.

But you don’t need to worry about any of that. Because KeywordXP Pro does all the work for you.

Just take a look [insert link].

Finally, you can find trending buyer keywords with one click and create powerful headlines using the built-in viral headline generator.

Just these two features alone would increase traffic and sales almost instantly. But there’s so much more.

Just take a look at some of the brand new features…

– related questions feature so you can see exactly what types of questions people are asking
– competitor analysis
– 801 variations of a seed keyword
– cost per click, advertizer competition, bar charts in a single window
– trends reporting so that you can quickly find the keywords that are increasing in demand
– long tails available with one click so you can start ranking right away
– built in domain checker so you can instantly find what’s available
– domain brand builder so you can create unique one of a kind domains

You get everything you need to finally explode your traffic.

Now for a few days ONLY you can grab a LIFETIME license for a one time price. No monthly subscriptions. No future payments.

I know you are going to love KeywordXP Pro so grab it now before the price goes up.

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To Your Success,

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