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Top 10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Organically

If you’ve always wondered how you can increase your website traffic organically, you’re reading the right article. When it comes to traffic, website owners and digital marketers have two choices: paid traffic and free organic traffic.

Both traffic sources have their pros and cons. You have to admit though that getting free and highly qualified traffic CANNOT be compared to shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars in ad spend!

This infographic accurately describes why it’s essential to invest your time and energy in increasing organic traffic to your website:

increase traffic organically

It will take some time for you to see significant organic traffic coming your way but we know you’ll agree that it’s worth waiting for. To make sure you don’t wait in vain, we’ve written this article to help you get more organic traffic from search engines and social media.
The 10 Methods To Increase Your Website’s Traffic Organically

1. Create valuable and shareworthy content
People love to share content they find useful and valuable. They share it with family and friends who they think will also benefit from your content.

You don’t even need to ask people to share your article. If you write helpful content that actually solves people’s problems, they’ll share it willingly.

2. Ask people to share your content on social media
If you wrote an article you know is going to help a lot of people, you have to make it easy for your readers to email or share it on social media. Put social media sharing buttons in your article.

You can also politely ask your audience to share your content. Sometimes people need a little push. Ask nicely and you just might be rewarded with a share!

3. Guest post on influential and niche-related websites
Big websites and popular bloggers have tons of followers. Guest posting on their site will give you exposure to their audience. If you write well and provide valuable information, these followers will soon flock to your website and follow you on social media. This is a very popular way of growing traffic organically.

4. Write helpful comments on relevant blogs
Don’t write silly spam comments that are never going to get approved by the blog’s owner. Read or skim their post and write thoughtful and helpful comments that actually ADD value to the article.

Yes, it will set you back a few minutes doing this but you’re putting your name and your website out there. People are going to be curious about you and will click on through to your profile link or look you up on Google.

5. Target long tail keywords
For every single piece of content we write, whether it’s 500 or 5,000 words, there’s an infinite number of long tail keywords that we can target. Smart writers know that keyword stuffing is a big no-no.

The best way to target as many long tail keywords as possible is to write long-form authoritative articles. The longer the article, the more keywords and key phrases you can possibly rank for.

6. Repurpose your content
People consume content in many different forms. Don’t stop at writing blog posts. Instead, think about repurposing your posts into podcasts, YouTube videos, infographics, eBooks, presentation slides, and more! Then publish these newly repurposed content on relevant platforms to get more views from these new traffic sources.

7. Give freebies to your audience
People love free stuff. Upload free icons or free photos on Creative Commons platforms. Make sure you choose the attribution license so people who use your free stuff link back to you. This practice is great for SEO and generating additional organic traffic.

8. Link to influencers in your niche
In your super valuable authoritative articles, link out to well-known influencers in your niche. Make sure you write really valuable articles though and not just fluff (see tip #1 above).

Then reach out to them and let them know you’ve linked to them in your awesome article. If these influencers find your content valuable, they’ll willingly share it with their followers!

9. Expert roundups
Many people love being called and recognized as ‘experts’. We get it. It’s flattering. So flatter them and tell them you’re inviting them to participate in an interview-style roundup article with several other ‘experts’. Once your roundup article is published, send them the link and they’ll proudly share it with their followers.

10. Observe proper on-page SEO
Make sure your website follows white hat SEO best practices. Write catchy and attention-grabbing titles, accurately describe what the page is about in the metadata, and don’t keyword stuff.

Don’t use the same keywords over and over again. Just write naturally and use similar keywords. This is great not just for the search engines but also for your human audience!

Are You In It For The Long Haul?
Applying the methods we’ve discussed here in this article won’t bring you instant organic traffic. If you want instant traffic, you have to pay for it. Increasing your website traffic organically will take time but we guarantee the end result will more than justify the wait!