At your finger tips you have a:


Viral title generator, so you can create 100 highly clickable subject lines and titles from your seed keyword, so you can get people clicking onto your site.


Expand any keyword into over 5000 long tail expressions direct from Google, Amazon, Ebay, Bing, YouTube and ASK so you can uncover the real phrases that people are actually using every day.


Trends reporting, so you can see whether the phrase is increasing or decreasing in demand so you never waste time and money targeting the wrong phrase.


Related Questions feature takes a seed keyword and reveals the real questions people are asking, so you can engineer your blog posts to directly answer what’s on people’s minds. This is exactly what Google’s Hummingbird is focusing on.


Inbuilt Domain Checker - check instantly whether any keyword domains or any brandable domain names are available, so you can rank and flip a site with ease.

Everything to make you the Traffic King you always wanted to be.

But wait there is more…

With one click you can:

Instantly pull up to 801 exact match keyword variations with their volume based on 1 seed keyword so you can target high volume niches.


Never get caught by a fad again! KeywordXP lets you work from a yearly average search volume so you can make decisions with confidence.


Instant bar charts illustrate seasonal variations with search terms to show the highs and lows so you know whether to expect a spike in one month or another.


Advertizer competition indicator shows whether the word has buyers or not, so you don’t waste time on words that attract browsers instead of shoppers.


Attract the traffic with MONEY: The cost per click indicator shows how much the keyword is trading for right now so you can virtually guarantee you’ll be attracting buyers.


Sorting, deleting and exporting data makes further manipulation easy.


Instant access to Google search from any phrase so you can sanity check the meaning behind word.

So remember, KeywordXP not only finds monetizable keywords but helps you generate viral headlines, find domain names and reveals other sites that will help you find backlinks.

It's not brand new either - we have over 7,000 customers with KeywordXP since its initial launch.
Its been continually enhanced and well supported so you can be assured it's here to stay.

It is after all a premium product for premium users.