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Better Tools Can Pave A Way To The Perfect Long Tail Keywords

Looking to improve your site performance? Worried about crawling errors and possible duplicate pages that can affect your search engine rankings?

There is a lot to ponder about when it comes to perfecting your SEO strategy. And if you find visitor growth isn’t what you are expecting or climbing the search engine rankings seems near impossible, just finding crawling errors or potential duplicate pages will not help.

Let me first ask you – do you feel that your SEO strategy is simply wrong or that you are just not doing the right things in the right way?

Here is the thing with SEO, it is easier to find the things you missed out on but difficult to know what you are missing out on doing.

best keyword research tool


Don’t worry – we can help you out.

The first is to look at the basics – which is whether you are using the right keywords?

No, if you are relying merely on ‘keywords,’ it won’t fetch you returns over the longer run. Primary or short tail keywords (more on that later) are great, but you need something more.

If you have been tinkering your SEO strategy for a while but not getting the expected results, there is probably that one important thing you are missing out on – the perfect long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords and Your Website

Long tail keywords are the key to driving more traffic and getting a better conversion.

For picking up the most-searched keywords, look for the best keyword research tool.

However, before embracing any new tool, be sure of why you exactly need it. When it comes to long tail keyword research tools, know how they could aid your SEO efforts in the first place.

Keywords, for instance, can be categorized into two parts:

• Head terms or short tail keywords
• Long tail keywords

Understanding the Difference

The short tail keywords acquire higher monthly searches than the latter. However, long tail keywords are much needed and more beneficial as they showcase the specific search intent.

As a result, they have the ability to bring more traffic towards your website. This is why most of the content developers perform extensive web research to figure out the long tail keywords.

Once you are able to ascertain the search terms used by your targeted audience, you can use them in your content and ultimately, get better results.

If you are looking for something that can accelerate your online business, you should switch to one of the best keyword research tools.

To understand this in simpler terms, here is one example.

Suppose you have a user searching for laptop bags. They will start the search query by “laptop bags,” then move to “best laptop bags” and then to “black solo laptop hybrid briefcase backpack.”

This shows that the keyword starts getting changed with the user’s mindset. They keep on evolving as the user gets clarity on what they want. This is why we say that long tail keywords give specific search intent, a reason you can’t ignore them in your SEO strategies.

best keyword research tool

Having the Best Keyword Research Tool Can Lead You to Appealing Long Tail Keywords. How Does that Happen?

You will need to look out for better ways to know the keywords, which people often use to search for things online. What makes this process easier and convenient is a keyword research tool.

To create a compelling content that can act as a support to your SEO and PPC campaign, use the best keyword research tool. It can help you with everything below.

1. Selecting the right keywords takes less time.
You can do it in less time as once you request for keyword suggestions; it gives you quick results.

2. In-depth research becomes easy.
The best keyword research tool will collect varied things including competitors’ best keywords, organic competitors, search volume and position changes of the domain in the finest manner.

3. Perform extensive long tail keyword research.
The keywords having high search volumes have fierce competition. A research tool will help by gathering all the keywords having high search volumes.

What Should You Look for in the Best Keyword Research Tool?

When you are looking for a good SEO tool, you don’t expect it to help you with just your off-page SEO efforts or SEO errors. You also want it to tell you newer ideas that you are potentially missing out on, something the best keyword research tool can help you with. Here are a few of the things it can do.

• Offer effective keywords suggestions.
• Help you customized domain searches.
• Facilitate competitor analysis.
• Gives compelling niches for blogs that you can focus to garner more traffic.

The Best Features of a Good Keyword Research Tool

It’s not just about finding the right keywords, Here are some of the other things a good keyword research tool can help you with.

1. User-Friendly
Set up the tool in seconds, just by downloading the software, and work with it, with near zero learning curve. Most of these tools also feature easy payment options and a great client support. And more importantly, you can even export all your results in just a few clicks.

2. Real-Time Keywords
You don’t just get keywords that are in high search volume, you get to know the latest trends – like the keywords people are searching currently to help you tailor content and beat your competition. Leave along phrases – you could even know the exact questions people are typing into the search bar!

3. Easier Way to Find New Keyword Ideas
You can even search long tail keywords on deeper levels to help you get more in-depth with your SEO efforts, helping achieve better results.

4. Analyze Your Competitors Easily
The best keyword research tool goes a long way more than the standard SEO software. It helps you know the SEO strategies your competitors are using, including your competitor strength for a particular keyword or URL, so that you could tinker your SEO strategy accordingly.

5. Search Locally
It’s understandable if you have a business that targets a specific demography. You could choose your users – based on their location and language, and find out what are the most popular keywords for them, helping you create a foolproof SEO strategy.

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