Just Upgraded to Pro 3.0.8?

If you just upgraded to KeywordXP Pro 3.0.8 then follow these steps:

IMPORTANT: The tab name “Pro” has been modified to “Keyword Research” and new “Competitor Analysis” function is provided in this version of KeywordXP Pro.

You need to have the Moz account (which is completely free and easy to create) to use the competitor analysis function. The API key from your Moz account is used to activate the competitor analysis tab.
You can create or generate the API key directly. All you need to do is to:

Click on SEOmoz Settings >> Click on Create SEOmoz account and generate API key

SEOmoz Settings


Create SEOmoz account to generate API key

Once you click on the Create SEOmoz account and generate API key button, you will be redirected to the Moz Signup page.

Create SEOmoz account

Once you login, scroll down and Click on API link.

Login and Click on API Link

From the API page Click on “Get Started” and then “Manage Mozscape API Key” button.

Manage Mozscape API Key

You will find your Access id and Secrete Key on this page.

Generate Access Id and API Key

Copy and save this Access ID and Secrete Key to the SEOmoz settings of your KeywordXP Pro.

Insert and Save the API Key

Once you save this, your “Competitor Analysis” function will be activated.