Help and Support

Frequently asked questions:

1) Occasionally you may get a window that appears like this:

This is called a Captcha and is used by Google to confirm that you are not a robot. The reason its triggered is some queries are complex – and complex queries are used by spam bots.

Simply enter the characters in the image, click submit and the application will continue as normal.

Please note – it usually takes around 4/5 attempts to clear when checking competition.

KeywordXP checks competition using the intitle: and inurl: Google command. If this is run too often – Google will display the captcha. Its best to only check competition levels for small subsets of words no more that 10 at a time and ‘rest’ in between – and this lessens the occurrence of captchas.

Never ignore the captcha – always complete them so that Google knows your machine is not an automated tool.


2) What is the Volume Column – and why does it say ‘no data’?

When you are searching Google Suggests – it returns the ‘number of searches’ of the search query.  As of yet – there isn’t a clear definition of the figure from Google. Google calls it ‘number of searches’ – and its the number that month – however it is sometimes higher than the data normally returned in the Google keyword tool. For some queries – especially lower volume ones – there is no query data returned so it reports ‘low or no traffic’

Occasionally you may find that even Google returns no data at all – and in fact this is normal – there is nothing wrong with the application, and it will start working agains after a 2-3 days.


3) Why is the traffic volume different from Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Market Samurai or another tool.

Google Adwords traffic is historical data and needs to be accurate or even lower than reality as advertising decisions are made on it.

Google and Amazon suggests data is current and fluctuates during the month – and so will always be differed from Google Adwords data.

Amazon doesn’t return any volume data – and so the column will be blank when searching ECommerce words.


4) Competition Checker indicating Green

The checkbox at the beginning of a row will go green after you have checked it and also checked the competition – if the following it true:

The number of times the keyword is mentioned in the title of a webpage is under 1000.

The traffic volume is greater than zero.

This indicates that the post is quite easy to rank and get traffic with little backlinking.


5) If you are still experiencing problems – please go here

Support Center – click here to log a ticket