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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why does it say I “can’t install”. What should I do?

There is a communication glitch between Adobe Air and KeywordXP. Please follow the instructions below to correct the issue.


1. Uninstall both KeywordXP and Adobe Air
2. Restart your computer
3. Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus program
4. Download and install a fresh copy of Adobe Air
5. Download and install a fresh copy your software
6. Reactivate your firewall and antivirus program


2) It says the file is corrupt or damaged. What should I do?

This as well is a communication issue between Adobe Air and KeywordXP. The most common reason is that the Adobe Air version on your computer is not the most recent available. The steps to fix this issue are exactly the same as in number 1.


3) Why am I getting this type of window?

Occasionally, you may get a window that appears like this. This is called a Captcha and is used by Google to confirm that you are not a robot. The reason it’s triggered is that some queries are complex and complex queries are used by spam bots. Also, if you make several queries in a very short time span this too may trigger a captcha.

Simply enter the characters in the image, click submit and the application will continue to work as normal.

Please note – it usually takes around 4/5 attempts to clear when checking competition.

KeywordXP checks competition using the intitle: and inurl: Google command. If this is run too often – Google will display a captcha. It’s best to only check competition levels for small subsets of words no more that 10 at a time and ‘rest’ in between as this decreases the occurrences of captchas.

Never ignore the captcha. Always complete them so that Google knows your machine is not an automated tool.


4) Why does it show ‘No Data’ when I search ‘Trends’?

Queries that are low in volume with little to no traffic are reported as ‘No Data’. It simply means that there is not enough data available to produce a trends graph. The results are based on the number of searches for that term for that particular month. These results are often quite different than what is found in the Keyword Planner for the same term, however, at this time Google has not revealed how these calculations are done.

Furthermore, you may find that on occasion Google returns no data at all for no apparent reason even if that term is showing results in Keyword Planner. In such an instance, there is nothing wrong with the application but rather what Google is reporting.



5) What do I do if I get a ‘Certificate’ error?

The image below shows what a certificate error looks like. If you get one of these then you do not have the latest certificate. What you need to do is completely uninstall the application and re-install the most current version.

certificate error


6) What do I do if I need help and can’t find my answer here?

Please contact our support department right away. We are here to help you and want you to get any issues you may have resolved quickly so that you can continue to enjoy the software. Simply click on the link below and submit a ticket.


Helpful Tips in Case of Installation Failure

1. Make sure that the installer is not blocked by a firewall or other security application (i.e. antivirus). The installer needs
to connect to the internet to perform a security validation (the digital signature validation) prior to installation.

2. Make sure to run the installer from a local directory/folder. Do not run it from a USB drive, network
drive, or network share. To be sure save the installer on your desktop.

3. If you are running an older version uninstall it and then retry installing the new one. However, this time try selecting a different location when the
installer prompts with the default location.

4. Try uninstalling the application, then uninstalling Adobe Air and then re-install Adobe Air and the application.

5. If you are using Windows then you may encounter a problem with the registry. Simply uninstall the application and Adobe Air
and run this Microsoft application http://support2.microsoft.com/mats/program_install_and_uninstall Then re-install KeywordXP and Adobe Air.

If none of these tips help to correct your issue then put in a support ticket for further assistance using the link below.


For support please email us directly at:  support@keywordxp.com