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Find Long Tail Keywords Fast

Search for long tail keywords quickly and drill down by double clicking on any item. Check the phrases of interest and click on either Google trends or competition. Examine these results to determine the best keyword to go for. Streamline your research by searching specific data-centers, which include Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Ask, and YouTube.
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Search Questions

Explore Profitable Niches in Seconds

Discover exactly what questions people are searching for right now. Select prefix preferences to search only the types of questions that interest you. Once you have found a question that you would like to answer in an article or post simply click on the question and watch as hundreds of suggested titles are instantly populated. Customize these by inserting or deleting any text your want.
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Search Domains

Search Suggested and Customized Domains

Check availability of suggested domains to find your best option. Drill down further by hiding taken domains or filter your search by a specific domain extension. Or go a step further and add pre-selected nouns, verbs, or adjectives to the beginning or end of the search phrase to quickly find a customized domain.
Competitor Analysis

Analyze Competition

Detailed Competitor Analysis

Do the Effective and precise competitor analysis with the help of Moz. Select the desired datacenter and get the top 10 competitors from google for any keyword or url. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitor with a single click..

Meet The People Behind KeywordXP

We value our customers and believe in providing quality service at all times. Our aim is to build products that make a difference, while directly impacting the bottom line.

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  • I have to say you are about the first product creators who have completed their promise to update your product. This has turned out to be one hell of a great purchase on my part.

    The latest upgrade has allowed me to delete another tool I had that does this, why have two tools taking up drive space. ~ Anthony

  • I have other keyword tools but when I came across Paul’s product I grabbed it right away. Just bought and played around with it and it’s just AMAZING and so SIMPLE. ~ Lester Lim

  • Fantastic product, one of the things I love is the speed – its faster than almost all other keyword tools I have tried, and it’s bringing back keywords that are actually being used by real searcher’s.

    So why not rank for the keywords used by real searchers? KeywordXP gives you those keywords, quickly and with no fuss.

    Absolute gold. ~ Tim Buchalka

  • I just bought this. Like many people I have other keyword tools, but one reason why I have not been using them much is because they are often working at snail’s pace which is quite frustrating. This tool however flies! No frustration here. It is a simple tool, and I guess that’s the good thing about it. No learning curve. I can see myself actually using it! ~ Sharma Kern

Pricing Plans


$37 one time


  • Fully Functional
  • Suggested Phrases From Google, Amazon, eBay and YouTube
  • Displays Google Trends & Competition
  • Domain Availability Search
  • Branded Domain Search
  • Related Questions Search
  • Blog Title Generator

Pricing & Common FAQs

How do I receive my product?

Once you have made your purchase you will receive two emails. The first will give you details on how to download your product and the second your activation license key.

What is the best way to contact support?

Simply put in a support ticket and one of our representatives will contact you within 1 business days.

How do I upgrade to the PRO version?

If you have purchased the standard version and want to upgrade to PRO simply click on the ‘Get Upgrade’ button in the pricing table. It is one time fee only and there are no charges after that. You will not need to pay the standard fee again.

Is the purchase price refundable?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.